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CROWNWeb Version 4.3.4 Released on February 25, 2014


CMS is pleased to announce the release of CROWNWeb Version 4.3.4, which was released on February 25, 2014.
Features/modifications in this release include:

  • Section: Patients
    Previous Behavior: The Help Desk could not unmerge Infection and Hospitalization data for Primary or Secondary patients.
    New Behavior: Help Desk staff can now unmerge this data for both Primary and Secondary patients.
  • Section: Patients (EDI)
    Previous Behavior: In Admit/Discharge records submitted via EDI, the Involuntary Discharge and Transfer fields were saved without validation when the Discharge Date and Discharge Reason were not provided.
    New Behavior: CROWNWeb now validates these fields even if the Discharge Date and Discharge Reason values are not populated.
  • Section: Reports
    Previous Behavior: Reports displaying email addresses were only displaying the first 50 characters of the email address.
    New Behavior: CROWNWeb Reports that display the email address now display the full email address (up to 75 characters).
  • Section: Reports
    Previous Behavior: On the Duplicate Patient Report, resolving the duplicate patient by removing one of the duplicate patients records in CROWNWeb did not remove the remaining non-duplicate patient from the report.
    New Behavior: Removing one of the duplicate patient records now causes the remaining patient to be removed from the Duplicate Patient Report.
  • Section: Reports
    Previous Behavior: The Clinical Data and Missing Labs Report reported patients as having clinical data when no clinical values were present.
    New Behavior: The Clinical Data and Missing Labs Report now correctly report the status of clinical values for patients.
  • Section: Reports
    Previous Behavior: On the Mailing Labels Report, patients residing in a state other than what was indicated on the report criteria page were not listed in the report.
    New Behavior: The Mailing Labels Report now correctly includes all patients receiving Dialysis within the Network that may reside outside the Network.
  • Section: Reports
    Previous Behavior: On the VA Maturing Report, the report did not display the State and Network rows when the report was generated by a user with the role of Facility Editor.
    New Behavior: The VA Maturing Report now displays the State and Network rows when generated by a Facility Editor.
  • Section: Notification/Accretion
    Previous Behavior: When clicking a notification on the Action List page, users would receive an “Error processing your request” message.
    New Behavior: The “Error processing your request” no longer displays on this page incorrectly.
  • Section: Notification/Accretion
    Previous Behavior: In the Action List screen, the View Notifications detail page displayed the treatment and setting values in the wrong order.
    New Behavior: The View Notifications detail page now displays this information in the correct order.
  • Section: Notification/Accretion
    Previous Behavior: On the Action List screen, a user with the Network Patient Editor role was not able to accept an accretion.
    New Behavior: Network Patient Editors can now accept accretions on the Action List screen.
  • Section: Personnel
    Previous Behavior: On the Add Personnel screen, Users could enter invalid values in the Personnel NPI field. CROWNWeb did not display an error message in this situation.
    New Behavior: Users can no longer enter invalid values in the Personnel NPI field. CROWNWeb validates this field and displays an error when necessary.
  • Section: Clinical
    Previous Behavior: In the Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis sections of the Clinical screen, multiple fields were cleared when the Common Lab Test Date value was removed during initial clinical data entry.
    New Behavior: Removing the Common Lab Test Date value no longer clears these fields automatically.

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Upcoming Town Hall on March 27


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